IT Solutions

Service Level Agreements

The service level agreement provides IT support and services to our clients. Our specialized engineers from Microsoft service departments will offer the following priority to the client’s IT environment:
• Support on premises
• General maintenance of your IT environment
• Minimum service disruption
• Priority service to our SLA client, Schematic layout of IT infrastructure
• Comprehensive hardware \ Software system audit
• Tailored IT policy

Audio Visual Solutions

In business it as always important to be able to deliver your message effectively. With the aid of audio and visual devices, training, proposals, planning and general meetings become effective. Statistics prove that the use of visual aids can improve retention of information by up to 55%. The use of LCD TV’s, Projectors and audio equipment can help you get you message across clearly and keep it there.
• Projectors, Plasma
• LCD & LED TV’s
• Presentation Aids
• Sound Systems

PABX Solutions

In our fast growing market, telephony is a major part of business, we will ensure that your telephonic solution can be optimized and controlled. This will intern better your company’s productivity and customer service. Management systems can be put in place to maintain and control telephone costs.
• Analogue Systems
• IP Solutions
• Digital Systems
• PABX Systems
• Telephone Management

Hardware Solutions

Serving clients in the Western Cape, B3-It Solutions provides customized IT support to maintain your entire computer network.
From laptops to servers, printers, scanners,and most other peripherals, B3-It Solutions can keep it running.
Clients benefit from our years of experience and highly skilled team of technicians.
Maintenance of existing equipment and infrastructure.

Network Solutions

B3-It Solutions a Western Cape based integrator of networked computer systems. We design, sell, install and support complete networks solutions for small to mid-size businesses and departments of larger companies.
In addition, we provide systems consulting and analysis, as well as creative Internet solutions for Internet Access, Internet e-mail, and establishing an Internet Site.
Our core services include:
Network & System Design
System Upgrades

Technology Integration
Network Security

Network Repair & Maintenance
Proactive Service & Support

Remote & Onsite Support

Remote access is B3-It Solutions’s primary way of resolving any problems on the network. In the event of remote access being unable to resolve the problem, a technician will be scheduled for onsite support. Through our experience in remote support we can confidently say that most problems can be resolved remotely.
You can schedule remote maintenance or support directly via to link below

Software Solutions

Do you want to upgrade your computer’s operating system (you probably have Microsoft Windows unless you are an advanced user) to the new/latest version? Maybe all you need is a fresh re-install of your present operating system? B3-It Solutions will assess your present set up and recommend what is best for your individual situation. This service would include the installation of the operating system and any new critical updates, and a complete cleaning resulting in a smoother/faster and safe running system.
At B3-It Solutions we can supply and support a wide range of software to enhance productivity in the workplace.
Other Software Services include but are not limited to:
• Installation of new software you are adding to your collection
• Installation of new required software for new hardware devices purchased (ie. camera’s, printers, smartphones)
• Consulting and recommendations
• OS, CRM, Anti-Virus, Database, Applications