Security Solutions

CCTV Surveillance Solutions

In this day in age security is an essential investment. Allowing you to remotely monitor all your local and remote branches. This will secure your valuables being it stock, fixed assets or information. Always remember employees tend to be more diligent and hard working when “Big Brother” is watching. This can all be integrated into your network.
• Recording Solutions Indoor Cameras
• Perimeter cameras
• Professional Cameras

Time & Attendance Solutions

To save money and eliminate the frustrations of a manual process an automated time and attendance system is the solution. This will allow you to:
• Increase efficiency
• Manage labor costs & Improve workforce productivity
• Monitor absenteeism & sick Leave
• Reduced payroll inaccuracies and administration costs
• Maximize profits by implementing an electronic, integrated time and attendance system
• Minimize manual and timely administrative tasks and freeing your staff for more value-added activities.

5 Key Areas
1) Reduce errors.
• Reduces the risk of human error and ensures and easy, impartial, and orderly approach in addressing specific needs without any confusion. It has been shown to have an accuracy rate of more than 99%.
2) Increase security.
• Biometric devices control employee access to certain areas within your company and can track employee entry. These devices eliminate buddy punching and also helps reduce costly liabilities, including theft of equipment or property.
3) Increase productivity.
• Productivity increases because the process is seamless and makes day-to-day operations more efficient and convenient. This frees up employees time, decreases staffing overhead, and provides Managers with labor data to more effectively manage their operations.
4) Save money.
• Manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data to process payroll can take a lot of time, but with an automated time and attendance solution, companies are able to increase efficiency and save money.
5) Increase employee satisfaction.
• Employees will be happier because time and attendance software guarantees timely and accurate pay.