Network Setups

Setting up a network for your business is vital these days

Here are a few reasons why you need PC networking for your business:

MAXIMIZE PROFICIENCY – A computer network helps you get the most out of your computers and peripheral devices. In other words, with a network, you get more bang for your IT buck.

MAXIMIZE BANDWIDTH – An effective IT network setup allows sharing of a single broadband Internet connection between multiple computers and users.

DEVICE SHARING – With a network, you can also share peripherals, such as printers and scanners. For instance, you can buy one network-ready printer and allow all network stations to access it. No need to buy a printer for each computer station.

FILE SHARING – A network allows people to access files, images, music, and other resources that are stored remotely or on an onsite server.

STREAMLINE WORKFLOW – Networking has become essential when it comes to running a small or medium sized business. But setting up a new one or expanding an existing one can get complicated. That’s why you need expert computer networking help.


As you can imagine there are many decisions to make when setting up any network.
Luckily our IT department is fully knowledgeable and skilled in providing you with a complete, affordable and secure network setup for your home or business


The term wireless refers to the communication or transmission of information over a distance without requiring wires, cables or any other electrical conductors. Wireless communication is one of the important mediums of transmission of data or information to other devices. The Communication is set and the information is transmitted through the air, without requiring any cables.

Wireless Connectivity has become an extremely popular form connecting to other networks and the internet. We use quality equipment when setting up wireless networking solutions.

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Turn Foot Traffic Into Facebook Page Likes And Check-Ins By Offering Your Customers Free Wi-Fi


With just one click, your customers can like your business’ Facebook page automatically checking-in to your business and gain access to the internet. No more need for Wi-Fi passwords; all your customers need to do is connect to the hotspot, then like your Facebook page using their laptop, tablet or smartphone and they can begin surfing the web.

For business owners, this is an incredibly convenient and hassle-free way to offer your customers free Wi-Fi access. As an added benefit, it increases your Facebook page’s visibility and activity. More check-ins and engagement increases activity on your page which in turn improves how your page ranks in Facebook Graph search and in the Nearby Places tab on the Facebook mobile app. Additional check-ins can also lead to new business. When people check-in to your page, it sends an automatic notification to their friends which includes your business name and address, which means you are reaching new potential customers through the best possible avenue – their friends and family. After checking in, people will also be able to like and engage with your Facebook page before continuing to browse.